What is Nursery Nanny and how can it help me?

Most churches rely heavily on volunteer help, and a lot of that help is directed to providing child care during scheduled services. If you are responsible for scheduling the volunteers for your church, you know it can be a surprisingly difficult task.

A church that holds two services per week and needs just two child care volunteers per service will have at least 16 volunteer positions to fill each month. Did you know that there are over 20 trillion different ways to assign volunteers to those positions?! No wonder volunteer scheduling seems difficult!

Scheduling is hard...

How do you create the monthly schedule for your church? Does any of the following sound familiar?:

And when the schedule is finally created, your job still isn't done. Notify everyone of their assignments, and hope for only a few cancellations. Even then, you'll probably be on the phone asking for replacements.

...but could it be easier?

Have you ever imagined it could be easier, or just wished that it were?

Could your monthly schedule be created in seconds instead of hours? Could that schedule take into account all of your volunteers' preferences, and automatically adjust when their preferences change? Could that schedule be published and all of your volunteers notified of their assignments instantly? When a volunteer needs to cancel, could a replacement be found and scheduled automatically? Could all of this be as easy as clicking a couple buttons once a month?

YES! Nursery Nanny makes it easy. Keep reading to see how...

Fast, Intelligent, One-Click Scheduling

Click the Auto Assign button and watch as Nursery Nanny plugs volunteers into your schedule in just a few seconds. All of your volunteer and event preferences are taken into account. If you want to manually assign volunteers you can do that too - simply drag volunteers from your list and drop them on the schedule.

Volunteer and Event Preferences

Volunteer preferences include things like how often the person wants to volunteer, which services or events they prefer to volunteer for, which rooms they prefer to volunteer in, who they like to work with, and what dates they'll be unavailable. And the best part is, Nursery Nanny provides a way for your volunteers to set and update their own preferences, so you don't have to!

For your services and events you can tell Nursery Nanny how often they occur (once, weekly, monthly, etc.), in which rooms you need volunteers, and how many volunteers you need. If you need to, you can even set specific volunteer age and gender requirements for your events.

Publish Schedule to your Website

Once your schedule is filled in just the way you like it, it's time to publish! Click the Publish button and your assignments are immediately published to your public schedule. Nursery Nanny makes it easy to integrate your public schedule into your existing church website.

Email Notifications

When you publish your schedule, all scheduled volunteers are immediately notified of their assignments via email. The email contains all relevant information about the assignment, along with a Cancel link in case they can't make it and need to withdraw from the assignment.

Automatically Find Substitutes

What happens when a volunteer withdraws from an assignment? Nursery Nanny tries to find and schedule a replacement! Volunteers whose preferences match the vacancy are notified via email and asked if they can fill in. To accept, they can simply click a link in the email and they'll be automatically added to the schedule.

...and more!

We have many more exciting features in progress, but we want to make sure that we're working on features that are important to our customers. If you have an idea for how we can make Nursery Nanny better, please send it to support@nurserynanny.com. We love hearing from our customers and we welcome your feedback!

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